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Pattern, Patterns, Patterns!

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As the Digital Marketing Specialist for the ABRA, Inc., there was plenty to do and help out with getting ready for it's 2019 World Show! I used my graphic design skills in making this year's pattern book. While most of the patterns were pulled from various resources, the mini patterns needed a fresh look. The copies were tired and worn looking or made by hand.

I used InDesign when I need to design multiple page documents. The patterns have consistent typography style, and I added a nice footer at the end of the page says "2019 ABRA World Show Patterns". I am pretty anal about my work or anything I am involved with to be very polished and professional. And putting together the pattern book was no exception.

Click here for Complete WS Pattern Book

My hope is someone will stuff those patterns in their horse show stuff, finding it weeks or months later, and it brings back memories of this year's World Show with a smile and maybe a few tears of their special moment.


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