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Happy Labor Day! Are your social media networks ready?

Holidays are prime times to feature exclusive sales on your product or services. Holidays can mean time off and more people with free time to shop and browse.

As a social media manager, I like to make a couple of different Holiday posts. One post is dedicated to the Holiday itself with no "sales pitch" in it. This post will be scheduled in the morning, normally around 8:00 am. I feel it is essential to respect the real reason for the Holiday.

The other post will be dedicated to featuring the Holiday special for my products, which in my case is various vehicles. The Holiday special posts are posted anywhere from 10:00 am to noon. In some cases you will want to schedule several pre-holiday sale posts throughout the weekend Holiday. It all depends are on your sale campaign. Remember you want all your marketing assets for your sale campaign to be consistent across all your marketing platforms; email marketing, social media and print.

I enjoy creating Holiday post in adhering to the theme and sprite of the particular Holiday. It's a welcome break from the normal posts adhering to brand standards.

If you are need of assistance with your social media networks, whether it's content or graphics or photography, give me a call, text (509-628-6904) or email. I can optimize your social networks and create custom content, graphics, and video for your business or organization.

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Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!


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